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The Rise 3D Printers

by on July 31, 2017 7:19 pm
3D printing used to be far behind in terms of cost effectiveness and speed of production when competing with manufacturing processes such as one of the most common, computer numerical control (CNC) which takes in a block of material then cuts it down using a myriad of sharp rotating tools [1]. However, a company began… Read more The Rise 3D Printers

Google Glass' Comeback

by on July 24, 2017 3:19 pm
         First of all, whatever happened to Google Glass? It’s hard to put your finger on a valid reason as to why this product suddenly disappeared from the public eye (could it really have been that people were paranoid by these glasses monitoring them?). So why now are these glasses being given… Read more Google Glass' Comeback

How Do We Control the Tigers?

by on July 17, 2017 5:40 pm
Elon Musk came out at the National Governor’s Association meeting admonishing the audience that AI is “the biggest risk that we face as a civilization” (4). This strong sentiment expressed by the technological expert Elon Musk worries me about the potential dangers of AI. So what exactly is AI capable of?  First of all, AI is… Read more How Do We Control the Tigers?

Apple WWDC

by on July 13, 2017 9:30 pm
Apple’s WWDC began with an inspirational message to its audience that the world is counting on individuals to create apps and Apple’s new products will be there to aid the effort along the way. This WWDC was based on the developments in Apple’s four platforms: iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS.  What I found most interesting was… Read more Apple WWDC

Google Keynote Address

by on July 6, 2017 2:32 pm
Initially, when I watched the Google IO 2017 Keynote I was blown away by its attractive presentation of upcoming products and mesmerized by the innovativeness, diversification of different product’s purpose and lastly how dominant Google was. Let me first tell you about the key announcements of these products and explain the commonalities of these different… Read more Google Keynote Address