Blockchain + AI

I totally agree with this statement: AI is new productive forces and Blockchain is new productive relations. “AI, Blockchain and the Internet of Things” is the new “Social, Mobile and Cloud”. AI + Blockchain is a very exciting and challenging hot topic.

Interestingly, AI and Blockchain have many opposite aspects [1].

For instance, AI is centralized within a handful of giant companies, which open the door to abuse. So in order to solve the centralized AI problems, Blockchain comes to save AI abuse via decentralization. How can Blockchain help here [2]?

There are many pioneers in the fields.

1. Decentralized AI Marketplaces. “The high-level idea is as follows: All of us (individuals, institutions) would be financially incentivized to provide our personal and professional data. Knowing it would be kept completely secure and private (through decentralization and secure computing), we’d feel more comfortable sharing sensitive data (spending, health information). Over time, the marketplace(s) would accumulate a lot more data, and higher quality data, than what the giant companies have access to. On top of the data, machine learning experts would be incentivized to compete and highest performing models would get disproportionally rewarded.” [1]

2. Decentralized Blockchain Database. BigChainDB, a company in Berlin, building a scalable blockchain database, in order to solve that problem that: we need to have a better database than current ones to store a massive amount of data.

3. Decentralized Data Protocols. To distribute data in the Blockchain network, we need to have a better protocol. Ocean Protocol [3] is a pioneer in this field and Computable Labs [4] is building a data market protocol too.

4. Decentralized Data Generation. “Sometimes you need to create your own data for purposes of AI training – either because you don’t have access to the right data set, or because the use case you are training the AI is too new that the data simply does not exist. Snips, out of Paris, is using crypto economics to incentivize a network of workers involved in synthetic data generation.” [1]

5. Decentralized Computation Power. The big wave of AI is because of computation power improvement, like GPU, TPU, etc. DeepBrain Chain [1] is a very cool project, which aims to share worldwide free computation resources easily. DeepBrain Chain wants to become “The AWS of AI”, wants to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs, wants to leverage idle GPU/FPGA clusters and individual computing units.




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2 comments on “Blockchain + AI”

  1. Thanks very much for integrating these 2 ubiquitous concepts and these very interesting ideas and companies!
    The 1st idea seems very interesting – also with respect to creating representative, bias free datasets. For the 4th idea of synthetic data generation, in contrast, I see quite a potential for built in bias: who is willing to create data? At what rate of payment? While definitely dependent on the type of data created, this will pose new challenges. I think it is already interesting to see how remote workforce services like Amazon Mechanical Turk and the likes are used to create data sets and participate in research studies. Overall, I like the consideration of how blockchain might counteract the current competitive advantage of some big corporations due to their massive datasets.

  2. Interesting combination of topics. And a very high level explaination if hie blockchain can be integrated with AI to provide better AI services to the general public. Would love to hear more about the implementation of blockchain in decentralising AI services.


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