Even Teleportation is possible?


Quantum particles can move back and forth in time, exist simultaneously in two states and can even “Teleport”!

I first got to know about the concept of teleportation through Harry Potter books.
I loved the series but never believed that things that were a part of it would ever be possible in real life, for obvious reasons.

But then, I got to be awed about the possibilities that exist in our world through quantum physics after hearing some of the greatest minds in the world.

That said, once I read about the actual capabilities of quantum particles, I was blown away and my curiosity was at its peak so I decided to dive into it and write some facts on it this week. I.e QUANTUM.
Specifically, the power of quantum physics In Computing.


Unlike Classical computing, quantum computing can process zeros and ones at the same time which gives us tremendous power.

Whereas classical computing uses bits, 0 and 1, quantum computing uses qubits which make the ability to process the bits simultaneously possible.

At this given time, experiments have not been able to go with more than 50 qubits at one time, even though it is a huge success itself. (Who did these experiments?)

Quantum computers can solve problems which cannot solve the other way or would take hundreds of thousands of years.

A computer with 500 qubits, can do 2^500 calculation in one step. The interesting aspect is that this number, 2^500 is infinitely more than the known number of atoms in the world.

With the stated power and benefits of quantum computing, there are some limitations to it as well.

Quantum information is extremely fragile and requires special conditions to safeguard the quantum state, qubits are extremely sensitive to noise and noise can come from inside the cooling systems as well etc.


With that said, once we get over these limits and have them handled, quantum computing can change the world!






Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence