They Know All About You: Personalised Customer Profiles

A case study of Square, Inc.

Montse Medina talked about how Jetlore’s AI technology optimises user experience with personalised content. Their prediction platform takes consumer preferences and maps their behaviour into predictive attributes, where media companies, retailers, and hospitality services can merchandise intelligently, and market the right products for the right audience.

The up and coming generation of customer service relies on interaction through online platforms integrated into mobile. This brings to mind a similar service, Square.

Square, Inc. provides mobile payment solutions and develops point-of-sale software, collating receipts digitally, and providing analytics and feedback. Similarly, they aggregate data and offer their analytics in a subscription-based service. Their marketing tools allow traditional brick and mortar business to operate like online retailers by devising user-oriented marketing campaigns.

Users of Square payments services can engage customers through analytical Insights generated by the app, much akin to how Instagram analytics operate, allowing businesses to gather an overview of their sales.