California emulating the approach to adopt the industry trends of enterprise world

The discussion from Chris Cruz, Deputy Director & Deputy State CIO of the State of California revealed and validated a government approach to the current emerging enterprise infrastructure in bringing innovation, simplicity and secure access to the end users.

DC consolidation initiative

This is the global trend now in most of the enterprise world where multiple branch offices are getting consolidated to a main hub for bringing centralized access to the users. California Statewide Data Center initiative brings in similar approach from government prospective to enable 350 services to cities and counties with 138 entities and organizations through managed services, mainframe and now cloud. This enables unified access, enact right security postures and bring down the cost of CA IT infrastructure annual budget of 3-5 billion dollar. More servers are getting retired and decommissioned .

Adoption of Cloud

Cloud Technology has becoming a major milestone in the infrastructure development of enterprise and governmental data access. More and more data is moving to cloud and emerging cloud ecosystem is now getting matured to support vendor access, partner applications and manage public private data. Physical servers are moving to virtual servers and eventually cloud. Part of private and public cloud technology, CA government partnership with Amazon and Microsoft will enable services for local, state and federal partners in an efficient way.

FedRAMP high allows pass IRS audit issues and HIPPA compliant issue with high level of access and controls. This kind of solution allows service providers to use a single cloud solution interact with government that is administered through department of CA.

Another initiative like Canabis track and trace to run business driven architecture for statewide in offering governmental services through cloud to all stakeholders and users.

Emerging Cyber Security Landscape

Every security infrastructure is prone to possible attack every single second with new risk, vulnerability and threats. Malware protection, SSL decryption, DLP and content filtering solutions are getting deployed and integrated in existing infrastructure.

CA Statewide SOC tends to detect, prevent and remediate those threats and government is taking this as a higher priority now as we hear from Chris’s presentation. Local, state and federal access are protected through seamless access and secure managed services.

CA Innovation Lab

California Department of Technology’s (CDT) runs a sandbox for open source programmer, share codes, run codathan and hackathon to collaborate, build and test open source solutions more like in Google type. This is bringing new innovation in the tech trends today and changing the way CA does business. This a perfect example of necessary transformation in government to innovate to evolve as an enterprise model.

This also brings an opportunity for government to explore new innovation that drive to solution driven services to local, state and federal partners.

Open data

Public data driven data center is now new approach especially CA government is doing to bring transparency about government data for public download and researchers. This will also help government in maintaining public health information and PII data from regulatory standpoints.



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